Do you have a venue, event, or product that you'd like to get in front of a committed group of engaged fans of comic books and comic book culture? Fresh Comics may be a great fit for promoting your service or goods.

Fresh Comics consists of mobile apps on iOS and Android devices and a public website providing the latest information on

  • New comics arriving each week and the upcoming release schedule.

  • Local comic shops and events hosted by local shops.

  • Upcoming comic book and pop culture conventions.

The mobile applications allow fans to personalize their experience with reminders for events, new releases, and local conventions. Fans typically interact with the mobile apps several times a week. Furthermore, the Fresh Comics website provides access to the same information for fans on desktop and legacy feature-phone platforms.

Sponsored Placements

The Fresh Comics apps and website feature two sponsor placements for third parties to reach out to fans. The primary placement shows up "above the fold" within the mobile apps and first in order in placements on the website (placement may vary based on page layout and screen viewport). A secondary placement is situated at the bottom of the mobile apps' interface ("below the fold") and typically beside or just below the primary placement on the website.

Sponsored placements consist of a premium graphic that conveys the value proposition to Fresh Comics fans and a link that will open in a browser window when a fan clicks/taps the image. The images themselves are 1920x1080 pixels (1080p) and may be displayed in a variety of contexts from full screen on television (coming soon!) to a sidebar on a web page, to a small card on a mobile device. Regardless of presentation style, all presentations direct fans to a URL on your own site for further information / conversion. (Note that URLs may be customized per-platform – if you are linking to a mobile game, the Android app can send fans to the Google Play Store, iOS fans to the iTunes App Store, and other users to a website to learn more.)

Be aware that not all placements are accepted for inclusion within Fresh Comics. In order to maintain a clean and relevant environment for fans, we only accept placements that have some connection to comic books and comic book culture. By vetting placements in this way, we avoid having Fresh Comics fans "tune out" from the placements and we believe that this allows us to deliver a much more interested and engaged group of potential customers than the typical web advertisement model typically produces. Furthermore, we also try to rotate placements regularly so that the offerings to our fans remain fresh and interesting.

Types of Placements

We recognize that not all enterprises share the same business models and our placements are designed to be flexible to accommodate your goals. Presently, we offer three main kinds of arrangements:

Guaranteed placement: We bill you a fixed rate to guarantee that your placement is always visible during a specified time period. These placements are extremely useful for building awareness and interest in your company or a new product or property.

Pay per click (PPC): We bill a standard rate for each click-through to your URL and invoice you when a certain threshold has been achieved. This can be on either a time-limited or an open-ended basis.

Pay per acquisition: We negotiate a price for a customer acquisition (order placed, signup submitted, etc.) and you pay us based on how many Fresh Comics users complete the desired action. While this kind of placement is typically some form of affiliate marketing where a third-party tracks and reports acquisitions, we are open other arrangements. This placement also can be on either a time-limited or an open-ended basis.

Note that while the flat-rate brand building guarantees placement on the websites and apps for a specified period of time, we reserve the right to rotate placements of pay-per-click and pay-per-acquisition placements in order to optimize our revenue by maximizing click-throughs and acquisitions to our sponsors. Due to our typical data update cycle, placement rotations do not happen more frequently than once a week, unless a placement has been designated to expire after a specified date.

Audience Size

Based on the latest analytics data (compiled May 12, 2018), the Fresh Comics website and mobile apps generate 48K user sessions per month and consist of 25K monthly active users.


Primary Placement
("above the fold")
Secondary Placement
("below the fold")
Guaranteed Placement
$35 USD per week
$20 USD per week
Pay Per Click
$0.25 USD per click
Pay Per Acquisition
Contact us

If you are working on behalf of a comics-related charity or other social good organization, please e-mail us for special pricing and other options.

Get Started

To get started sharing with Fresh Comics fans, please send an e-mail to with the following details:

  • The name of your product or service.

  • A link to your product or service.

  • Whether you wish for an open-ended or a time-limited placement (with time period).

  • Whether you wish for a guaranteed placement, pay per click, or pay per acquisition placement.

We will review your proposal and get back to you with any questions, feedback, or an invoice to get started. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for a response.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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