Gosh! Comics

1 Berwick Street
London, England W1F ODR

Current & Upcoming Events

Oct. 28, 2019: Rain Signing

Mary & Bryan Talbot return with a stunning new graphic novel, Rain, and will be signing copies at Gosh Comics on Saturday October 26th from 1-2pm!

Oct. 30, 2019: These Savage Shores Signing

Ram V (Gravity’s Wall, Black Mumba, Paradiso) will be at Gosh Comics on Wednesday October 30th from 6 PM – 7 PM to sign copies of These Savage Shores.

Oct. 30, 2019: Billionaires Launch Party

Darryl Cunningham, author of Psychiatric Tales, Science Tales, and Supercrash, will be at Gosh Comics on Wednesday October 30th, 7-9pm, to launch his new title from Myriad Editions: Billionaires!

Past Events

Oct. 19, 2019: Hit Girl #9 Signing

Peter Milligan, Alison Sampson, and series editor Rachael Fulton will all be signing in-store on Saturday October 19th from 1-2pm for HIT GIRL Season Two #9!

Oct. 16, 2019: Lazarus Signing

Lazarus co-creator and all-around comics legend Michael Lark (Gotham Central, Daredevil, Batman, Captain America) will be at Gosh Comics signing on Wednesday 16th October, 6-7pm, courtesy of The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival!

Sept. 7, 2019: Day of Dredd Mega-Signing

Saturday the 7th September is officially The Day of Dredd, and Gosh Comics is capping it off with a Mega-City mega-signing! Dan Abnett, John Higgins, Sally Hurst, Mick McMahon, and Arthur Ranson will all be here to sign from 1-2pm!

Aug. 28, 2019: Tommy Gun Wizards Signing

Christian Ward and Sami Kivelä will be at Gosh Comics to sign issue 1 of their new four part series from Dark Horse Comics Tommy Gun Wizards on Wednesday the 28th of August from 6 pm till 7 pm!

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