Forbidden Planet NYC

832 Broadway
New York City, NY 10003

Current & Upcoming Events

Oct. 24, 2019: Halloween 2019 Signing

Join us at Forbidden Planet NYC on Thursday, October 24th from 6 PM to 8 PM for a pre-Halloween bash with self proclaimed horror himbo Joe Zaso (Nikos the Impaler, Barricade. Wolf of Wall Street) and scream queen extraordinaire Sasha Graham (Vicious Sweet, Bloodletting, Polymorph).

We’re celebrating the release of actor/author Joe Zaso’s horror cook book The Comforts of Café Himbo and Friends. He will be joined by co-author Beverly Orth-Geoghegan, and contributor Elizabeth Shepherd (DAMIEN: OMEN II, TOMB OF LEGEIA). But that’s not all! On that very same night actress/author Sasha Graham will be promoting the release of Tarot of the Haunted House. Graham will be doing a one card tarot reading for anyone who purchases the deck. So get into the spooky season early at Forbidden Planet with the stacked event!

Past Events

Oct. 5, 2019: Rick Baker Signing

New York City film fanatics listen up because Forbidden Planet is beyond excited to announce an in-store event of most epic proportions. On Saturday October 5th from 12 to 2 PM we will have legendary special effects artist Rick Baker in the house. That’s right, seven time Academy Award winner Rick Baker. The man who’s hands shaped endless classics like An American Werewolf in London, Men In Black, Octaman, Batman Forever, and Star Wars. I could go on forever, listing his credits but why? You know exactly who I’m talking about. We will be celebrating the release of his upcoming book Metamorphosis, a beautiful deluxe two volume hardcover slip-cased art book chronicling his entire career.

Metamorphosis will be available late October but you can pre-order it at the event, or on-line at and Mr. Baker will sign an exclusive custom book plate that will be inserted in the book when it’s in hand. You can pick it up upon the release or we can even make arrangements to mail it to you.

We will have a limited amount of promotional posters for Metamorphosis that Mr. Baker will be signing for attendees whether or not they pre-order the book, you will also be able to bring one personal item you wish to get autographed. People who pre-order the book through Forbidden Planet will get priority treatment and get to skip to the front of the line.

Oct. 5, 2019: Forbidden Planet Image Signing

Forbidden Planet hosts another signing with Image creators including Brian K. Vaughan (SAGA, PAPER GIRLS), Cliff Chiang (PAPER GIRLS), Ian Bertram (LITTLE BIRD), Darcy Van Poelgeest (LITTLE BIRD), Jacopo Camagni (NOMEN OMEN), Marco B. Bucci (NOMEN OMEN), Tina Horn (SFSX) on Saturday, October 5th from 6 PM – 8PM.

Oct. 3, 2019: Image Creators Signing

Forbidden Planet hosts a signing with Image creators including Tee Franklin (BINGO LOVE), Andrew MacLean (HEAD LOPPER), Andre Frattino (SIMON SAYS), Jesse Lee Pointer (SIMON SAYS), W. Maxwell Prince (ICE CREAM MAN), Martin Morazzo (ICE CREAM MAN), David Walker (BITTER ROOT), Sanford Greene (BITTER ROOT), Brenden Fletcher (ISOLA), Karl Kerschl (ISOLA), Dani (COFFIN BOUND) on Thursday, October 3rd from 6 PM – 8PM.

Oct. 2, 2019: NYCC 2019 Eve Signing

Michel Fiffe, Klaus Janson, and Charles Forsman appear at Forbidden Planet NYC on Wednesday October 2nd from 6 PM – 8 PM.

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