Comic Lair

1606 S. Broad St.
Trenton, NJ 08610-6036

Past Events

July 13, 2013 to July 14, 2013: M14 Pre Release

Midnight Prerelease
packs will be handed out at 12:01am
6 pack sealed $30

Prizes depend on number of players

Registration will start on July 12th
Midnight registration should to be done
by 11:30 pm July12th, so the event can start on time.


Saturday July 13th Event
6 pack Sealed $30
3pm Registration
4pm start time
Prizes determined by number of players


Sunday July 14th
6 pack sealed $25
registration starts at noon
and start time will be 1pm
Prizes determined by number of players


Sunday July14th
6 pack sealed $25
registration starts at 5:30 pm
and start time will be 6pm
Prizes determined by number of players

Food & Drinks are provided throughout the Prerelease weekend

Jan. 26, 2013 to Jan. 27, 2013: GateCrash Pre-Release Weekend

The events are as followed Midnight Sealed $30, Saturday mid-day (3pm Registration, 4pm Start Time) $30, Sunday afternoon (Noon Registration, Starts 1pm). Sealed $30 and Sunday evening (5:30 registration starts 6pm) Sealed $30.

The prize support is based off amount players and the more players the better it is.

The way we hand out the pre release card for Return to Ravnica will be 1 per player per event until we run out.

I want to let everyone know that we now play in a much bigger space which is the second floor of the building.

The second floor can accommodate around 40 - 48 players nicely. We have food and beverages on the premises provide free of charge to all participating players of the tournaments.

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