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Past Events

Aug. 14, 2021: Free Comic Book Day

This years’ Free Comic Book Day Festival will be a more intimate event. While there are fewer participating locations we promise you it will be a day of fun. Please follow whatever precautions you are currently taking in regards to the pandemic. There will be lines of people, so be prepared and take the appropriate precautions for your situation. No one gets to skip the line unless you have a VIP pass. Masks & Costumes are encouraged and requested.

Jan. 8, 2020: Hill House Comics Signing

Author Joe Hill (Hill House Comics, Dying Is Easy, Locke & Key, The Cape, N0S4A2, Horns) appears at Jetpack Comics on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 7 PM. LIMIT of 2 items per person (but bring extras and get back in line. If Joe has time he’ll sign more)

Jan. 8, 2020: Joe Hill Signing!

JOIN US 1/8 FOR A HORROR VISIT WITH JOE HILL AND MORE with Guest creators from 6 - 8 & Joe Hill from 7 - 8

The bullet points without bullets
Guest Creators signing 6 - 8 pm
Joe Hill signing from 7 - 8 pm
VIP signing promptly at 7 followed by everyone else
LIMIT of 2 items per person for Joe
Order your limited edition VIP package below

JOE HILL VIP PACKAGE - $50 per person w/limit of 2 signed items per VIP package

$50 in-store - pay in store
$55 online payment for in-store pick up - pay on our sit via paypal
$70 online payment for U.S. delivery includes shipping - will include 2 Joe Hill autographed comics - pay via our site

**NOTE: Many of the limited edition comics you will receive have a print run of 500 - 1000 copies and sell for $10 - $20 each.

The VIP package includes 10 random Joe Hill comics guaranteed to include his latest DC work, Basket full of Heads #1 & 2, as well as 8 additional Joe Hill comics and our exclusive limited edition Tribe button and a Tribe tattoo. Comic Books may include limited copies of The Cape, The Cape 1969, Wraith, Thumbprint, Road Rage, issues from one of his Locke & Key series or other Joe Hill penned comic books.

VIP tickets will be numbered. Your number is your place in line. Bags will be given out at the event.

Everyone is welcome to get back in line to have more signed, while Joe is still hanging with us

We've been working with Joe since his early days of Locke & Key.

In fact we've done nearly 2 dozen exclusive covers of Joe's work, including many issues of Locke & Key, The Cape and Road Rage. We even have our own Jetpack Key cover. The only Jetpack Key to exist in the Locke & Key universe.

With a Locke & Key Netflix series in the near future, his own Horror Line of comics - HILL HOUSE COMICS - from DC and a new series - DYING IS EASY - from IDW your only question should be, "Which ones of these will I get signed"?

VIPs will get first access to meet Joe and have 2 items signed.
Following the VIP signing everyone else can get 2 items signed.

EVERYONE is welcome to jump back in line and see if they can get more items signed but Joe has a ridiculous busy schedule and a short signing window.

Let us not forget that Joe has a ton of novels and all kinds of TV and Movie credits.

One day only. Don't miss your chance to meet this super star writer.


Everyone wants to meet Joe so we're bringing some of our ringers to help support the line while you wait to visit with Joe.

Come early and hang out with some of our favorite creators!

Craig Rousseau - Artist Kyra, Perhapanauts as well as Harley Quinn, Batman Adventures and more

Gregory Bastianelli - Author Loonies and Jokers Club

Joseph Schmalke - Famed Electric Black Creator

Rich Woodall - his credits are too long to list but here's a couple, Electric Black, Our TMNT #100 cover, Johnny Raygun, Sgt Werewolf and TONS more

Meet these guys around 6 pm, in our club house and Joe will arrive around 8.


Be sure you show up early for the Joe Hill event as we’ve got a handful of special guests coming!

Just added to the list, Israel Skelton of Skelton Crew Studios will be on hand showing off lots of his cool props including limited edition Locke & Key keys.

Make sure to tell him we need the Jetpack Key cast for us!

That’s in the Jetpack Club House starting at 6 pm but show up early and support the special guests.

We all know that when Joe arrives you won’t even remember their names.

Dec. 14, 2019: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 100 Day!

Meet TMNT creators and pick up our TMNT #100 exclusive

The LONG awaited Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100 drops the week of Saturday 12/14 and we're celebrating with our own Limited Edition Exclusive and a handful of Turtle artists coming to sign and hang out with you.

First, pick up our TMNT #100 with a beautiful cover by Local Hero Rich Woodall. We'll even provide you an authentic Jetpack Comics Certificate of Authenticity when you purchase one today! Rich will be on hand from 10 am to 1:30 pm, signing copies of his cover and selling you a bunch of his other works as well! Johnny Raygun? Sgt. Werewolf? Who knows what gems Rich will bring to the table? However, we will make sure that Rich leaves a few signed copies for you all when he splits at 1:30.

Second, our Turtle pals, Steve Lavigne and Jim Lawson are going to join us from Noon to 3 pm. Dig out all your old school Turtle stuff because these classic Turtle creators are there to sign what you bring them. They will have prints you can purchase as well as a bunch of other things they bring.

Third, bring us donations and we're going to give you some unbelievable Turtle savings. No, you won't save on TMNT #100 or any of the guests merch, but you will save on the rest of our SWEET Turtle merch.

What can you save???

TURTLE BACK ISSUES - 50% Off - Yup, each every bagged & boarded TMNT back issue. We've got some gems.

TURTLE TRADES & SINGLE COMIC BOOKS (not #100) - BUY 2 Get 1 FREE - We've got a whole rack devoted to the Shell Boys.

TURTLE MERCH (toys, pins, etc - non-print material) - BUY 1 Get 1 1/2 OFF - Not sure what we have left but there's gotta be some stuff.

Don't miss out on the limited edition Turtle Card Sets we have on hand. Quantity is limited!

What do you have to donate to save??

10 Non-Perishable food items
NEW unwrapped NON-PLUSH toy ($10 value or more)
5 pairs of NEW tagged socks or 4 Toiletries
Used Lego Blocks by the pound.

You must present your donations to the clerk before you start shopping. He'll give you a slip indicating your discount.

No outdated / gross / rusted food. NO PLUSH (stuffed) toys. Socks must be NEW and have tags. Toiletries can not be samples. Used Lego blocks must be clean

Yup - All the usual restrictions apply. From our 2 week rule, to bulk discounted, to store credit and store credit cards, to no double dipping and more.

Be sure to ask the clerk to get the full rundown on rules or read the
rules here.

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