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Past Events

May 18, 2018: Li’l Depressed Boy Signing

Writer Shaun Steven Struble appears at Source Comics on Friday, May 18th at 4:00 PM to sign LI’L DEPRESSED BOY!

May 5, 2018: Free Comic Book Day

Best day of the year in comics: the day we give away 30,000 FREE COMICS! You come say hi, grab a free snack, enter a drawing for a multitude of fabulous prizes, and walk away with a bag of free comics!

If you are completely unfamiliar with the concept, please check out this history of this awesome, international, annual event that is supported by all major comic publishers at

Our Amazing Guests of Honor this year will include:

Brent Schoonover

Brent is a consummate comic book professional, and this year he's helping Starburns Industries (yeah - that Starburns!) debut their first comic book. Please help us in wishing him a hearty "Pop Pop" when you pick up a free copy and have him sign it.

Otis Frampton

We've been huge fans of Otis' work on Oddly Normal for years now, but he's had a killer last year introducing the world to his amazing Jawa comics! They started off as a fun warm-up exercise but were loved so much by all that they made their debut as a back up story in Star Wars Adventures #8. Catch them next on a special trading card you'll be able to pick up from Otis at his table on Free Comic Book Day!

Drew Brockington

Aside from being an amazing miniature painting in his spare time, Drew makes a series of kids book called "CatStronauts" about a crew of cats who are astronauts, which is just as incredible as it sounds. His 4th and newest in the series, Robot Rescue will be available on Free Comic Book Day!

Eliot Rahal

Eliot is a star on the rise: this year Vault Comics launched a new line of comics, created and curated by Rahal called "Cult Classic" The first creator owned, shared universe in comics will feature a ridiculous line-up of independent creators making a wide array of stories set in the town of Whisper. The first series is appropriately called "Return to Whisper" and Eliot will be on hand to sign the first issue of that series, which we conveniently have a store exclusive cover for drawn by local creator Blue Delaquanti.

and of course, more fun and surprises all day!

April 21, 2018: Dan Jurgens Signing

Action Comics #1000 is just around the corner. Comic book legend Dan Jurgens will be joining us at the Source for a special signing to celebrate the Man of Steel. Saturday April 21, from 11 am to 2 pm, Dan will be signing comics at the source. We're grateful to Dan for being here, so please join us for this special event. There will be cookies!

Oct. 21, 2017: Skin & Earth Signing

Canadian musician Lights appears at Source Comics & Games on Saturday, October 21st at 1:45 PM to sign both the comic and album of Skin & Earth.

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