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Past Events

May 3, 2014: Free Comic Book Day 2014

Jason Howard, Ryan Claytor, Adam Talley, Sherief AbouElSeoud, Dean Stahl, Daniel Hogan, and Jason Strutz appear at Clem’s Comics on Saturday May 3rd for Free Comic Book Day!

May 5, 2012: Free Comic Book Day Signings

Artists – As we usually do, we have several local artists scheduled to be with us throughout the day. It’s always a treat to see the artwork that these guys can put together – they typically will have prints or other work to show off or sell, and they can whip up a quick sketch or personalized drawing for your kids too! We’re really proud of the local talent we have in Michigan, and the fact that these guys are willing every year to put in some time at our store and have some fun with us. Dean Stahl will be here with us for the early-bird shift from 8am to 11am, and then we are pleased to welcome some new artists to our store – Adam Talley and Sherief Abouelseoud. They will both be here from 11am to probably at least 2pm.

Comics – Lots of free comic books! Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not as easy as just running through our store, picking whatever you want off our shelves for free. Each of the major publishers sells us 1 or 2 exclusive comic books for this national event, and then WE give them away for free! There will be designated tables full of the free stuff available, both in our store, and next door at Downtown Subs where we will have many of our other attractions set up. You can see all of the free comics that will be available at the official national website of Free Comic Book Day, Please note that not ALL of the different offerings will be at Clem’s, but we do our best to order a huge variety that will appeal to all of our customers.

The 501st Legion: Great Lakes Garrison – From about 12pm to close to 2pm, and then again after 4pm, we will have some special visitors on Free Comic Book Day – I’m told that Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and some other characters will be on hand to meet and greet our customers! We’ve never had these folks to our store before, and we’re really looking forward to checking out the costumes – they’re known around the USA as the most friendly and cooperative galactic enforcers you could possibly meet. Visit their website here.

Sales – We try to offer some special deals on certain products every year for the masses that come to visit, and this year will be no different. One book in particular that we we will have ridiculously cheap is this one – Spider-Man Family Ties. It’s a great all-ages collection of different Spider-Man stories, which we considered fitting with the new Spider-Man movie that’s coming out this summer! Normally priced at $14.99, you’ll be able to grab this book for FOUR BUCKS on Free Comic Book Day!

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