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Past Events

Dec. 15, 2018: Liz Prince & Raul the Third Signing

Cartoonists Liz Prince and Raul the Third appear at Hub Comics on Saturday, December 15th at 5:00 PM for a slideshow, Q&A, and signing.

Nov. 3, 2018: Dumb: Living Without a Voice Signing

Cartoonist Georgia Webber presents her new book DUMB: LIVING WITHOUT A VOICE with a slideshow and signing, starting at 7:00 PM on Saturday, November 3rd at Hub Comics!

Part memoir, part medical cautionary tale, Dumb tells the story of how the book’s author copes with the everyday challenges that come with voicelessness. Webber adroitly uses the comics medium to convey the practical hurdles she faced as well as the fear and dread that accompanied her increasingly lonely journey to regain her life. Her raw cartooning style, occasionally devolving into chaotic scribbles, splotches of ink, and overlapping montages, perfectly captures her frustration and anxiety. But her ordeal ultimately becomes a hopeful story. Throughout, she learns to lean on the support of her close friends, finds self-expression in creating comics, and comes to understand and appreciate how deeply her voice and identity are intertwined.

Oct. 13, 2018: Berlin Signing + Slideshow

Cartoonist Jason Lutes appears at Hub Comics for a BERLIN slideshow and signing at 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 13th!

Jason Lutes is an acclaimed cartoonist. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 1991, he began publishing minicomics with Penny Dreadful and, starting in 1993, the weekly comic “Jar of Fools,” published in The Stranger in Seattle. By 1995, he was the art director of the paper, but by 1996 he had left to become a full-time cartoonist. Lutes began publishing his twenty-two-part comic, Berlin, set at the end of the Weimar Republic. The comics have been collected and published as Berlin: City of Stones, Berlin: City of Smoke, and the final and new installment Berlin: City of Light. His work has won him a number of awards–most recently the prestigious Inkpot Award at San Diego Comic-Con–and he teaches at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.

Oct. 13, 2018: City of Light Signing Tour

Jason Lutes will be on tour this fall with Berlin, the graphic novel he’s been drawing for over twenty years. Berlin tells the story of the metropolis’s citizens before the fall of the Weimar Republic. Alexander Chee says Berlin is “at once a story about artists trying to make art during the rise of the Nazis in Germany, and a bildungsroman of the first order.”

Lutes will be making stops in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Quebec, Texas, Washington, and Oregon. Celebrate the release of this masterwork with the creator himself!

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