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Current & Upcoming Events

April 28, 2018: Michael Moreci “Wasted Space” Signing

Michael Moreci IS Wasted Space! Wait, no, we mean Michael Moreci PRESENTS “Wasted Space” a new series from Vault Comics. A mix of Philip K. Dick and Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher, WASTED SPACE is the story of Billy Bane, a prophet who got it all wrong, and the galaxy has been burning ever since. All he wants is to waste away in the darkest corner of space with his best pal Dust, a supercharged Fuq bot. But when a new prophet comes calling, Billy is summoned to save the galaxy he's at least partially responsible for destroying. Too bad he couldn't care less.

Michael will be on-hand to sign copies of issue #1 as well as any other of his comics (Superman, The Flash, Roche Limit, Hoax Hunters, Curse, Indoctrination, Suicide Squad Secret Files, Heavy Metal Magazine, Adventure Time Comics, Burning Fields, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and so much more) or his prose work (Black Star Renegades) on Saturday, April 28th starting at Noon.

April 30, 2018: Book Party: Beautiful Darkness

Through April 29th, we're offering Beautiful Darkness at 20% off! Then, on April 30th at 7pm, come back to hang out and chat with other fans about it! Snacks and cheap beer will be served.

A dark fairy tale about surviving the human experience, Beautiful Darkness is a harrowing look at the human psyche and the darkness that hides behind the routine politeness and meaningless kindness of civilized society. The sweet faces and bright leaves of Kerascoët's joyful watercolors only serve to highlight the evil that dwells beneath, as characters allow their pettiness, greed, and jealousy to take over. It a bleak allegory on the human condition; Kerascoët's and Fabien Vehlmann's work is a searing condemnation of our vast capacity for evil writ tiny.

May 5, 2018: Free Comic Book Day with Steve Lieber and Ryan Browne

Saturday, May 5th, 2018 - It's your favorite day of the year-- FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! You know the drill by now!

Challengers will have THOUSANDS of FREE COMICS and...

STEVE (The Fix) LIEBER and RYAN (Curse Words) BROWNE signing and sketching all day!

Plus, Cosplayers, Photo Ops, and SO MUCH MORE!

Come join us for an all-day celebration of everything that makes comic great!

Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 11am to 5pm.

Past Events

April 21, 2018: Speculative Relationships 3 Release Party

The 3rd and final volume of the Speculative Relationships trilogy, the science fiction romance anthology, is out, and Challengers is presenting a Retrospective/Release Party to not only celebrate the 3rd volume, but to commemorate all the ground that the series has covered! To do so, we'll have copies of all 3 volumes and a host of creators from all 3 volumes (such as Tyrell Cannon and Scott Kroll) as well. Plus, snacks! I mean, who doesn't love science fiction, romance and snacks, and we'll have ALL 3!! I mean, we've already had release events for the first 2 volumes, so we had to go for the hat trick, right?

April 18, 2018: Action Comics #1000 Midnight Release

Available at 12:01AM on Wednesday, April 18th!
Celebrate 1000 issues of Action Comics with an all-star lineup of top talent as they pay tribute to the comic that started it all! From today's explosive action to a previously unpublished tale illustrated by the legendary Curt Swan to the Man of Tomorrow's future-this very special, oversized issue presents the best of the best in Superman stories!
• STEVE RUDE (1930s)
• MICHAEL CHO (1940s)
• DAVE GIBBONS (1950s)
• JIM STERANKO (1970s)
• DAN JURGENS (1990s)
• LEE BERMEJO (2000s)
and a BLANK COVER, too!

Challengers will be open at Midnight and remain open for about an hour, and then we'll re-open at the regular 11:00AM time for the rest of your comic needs. You will be able to buy any of that week's new DC Comics releases at midnight.

April 9, 2018: Women's Comics Night: After Con Burnout

WCN falls on the Monday after C2E2....woof. We all know we are going to spend way too much money, forget to wear our comfortable shoes, probably get some con related flu, and just get so incredibly exhausted from all the fun. Lets take a break together and talk about our fun time!

We gotta make room on our shelves for all the new stuff we bought so what better way to do that than benefiting a great local cause?

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we are doing a book drive for Chicago Books to Women in Prison. They are a non-profit that, “distributes paperback books free of charge to incarcerated women, including transwomen, nationwide. We are dedicated to offering the opportunity for self-empowerment, education and entertainment that reading provides.

Currently we send books to women (including transwomen) in state prisons in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio, as well as all Federal prisons.”

They do get requests regularly for graphics novels just as much as other types of novels. However, there are restrictions for what they can accept.

There are a few things to keep in mind given prison restrictions:
- Paperback only (probably not a concern)
- Paper only—no stickers, glitter, metal pieces or other materials
- No nudity or graphic sexual images
- No extreme violence (Have had books returned that have a photo or illustration of a gun on the cover!)

For the full list of books they are looking for click here:

For every book you donate, you will receive a raffle ticket! At the end of the night we will raffle off a prize.

Another way we will be relaxing is with coloring! I read somewhere it was very therapeutic and after any con, I could use some therapy. We’ll provide coloring pages and crayons so we can connect with our inner most creative selves while listening to some chill tunes. Lets create some calm after the Con storm!

And of course, tell us about your time at C2E2! Did you get that one comic signed finally by your favorite creator? Have cosplay photos you want to show off? How was your tabling experience? How much did you promise yourself you wouldn't spend and then how much did you go over that promised budget?

As usual there will be snacks and beverages and it is BYOB!

Don’t forget you can always join our Facebook Group and hang in the downtime in between meet-ups:

What is Women’s Comics Night?
The Mission: Once a month casual hangout after hours at Challengers Comics + Conversation meant to build community and foster friendship! Intended for all women and is unequivocally Queer, Non-Binary, & Trans friendly!

Time: Every Second Monday of the Month starting at 7pm!

March 3, 2018 to March 31, 2018: Women's Comics Month 2018

Saturday March 3, 2018 to Saturday March 31, 2018 - Women's Comics Month Returns to Challengers! Challengers is once again celebrating Women and Non-binary creators for the month of March, but this year we’re doing it a little differently. We plan to have 3 creators in every Saturday and Sunday of the month.

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