Retailer Information

Are you a comic shop retailer interested in telling local Fresh Comics users about your store?

If you just want to spread the word about your shop, contact with information about your shop and we'll get it listed in the app for free.

If you're interested in sharing an event at your shop, contact with the date of your event, what you're calling it, and some descriptive text that we can share with users in your area.

Shop & event listings are 100% free.

Why list your store & events in Fresh Comics?

While users come to the app for the new comic releases, they spend a good amount of time looking at stores in their area. For every 6 issues they look out, they view the details of one local store. For every 4 times they view a publisher's list of releases, they look at the list of stores and events in their area.

Fresh Comics is available (almost) everywhere. The app ships on Apple's iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, and Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet. There isn't a comparable app that has the ubiquitous availability that Fresh Comics offers.

Users love Fresh Comics. Don't take our word for it, read the reviews and ratings yourself:

Fresh Comics is global. The only continent where we don't see some use every week is Antarctica. (We're working on that.)

Fresh Comics is growing. As we get better about spreading the word about the app, our userbase is growing. Fresh Comics is currently doubling in terms of downloads and end-user activity every month.

Our Master Plan

At the end of the day, we created Fresh Comics to scratch a personal itch - how can we have a good list of upcoming comics at our fingertips no matter where we are? We accomplished that with our weekly comic releases.

The next itch was finding out where to get those issues. We solved that with the store locator last year.

What we're trying to do now is create a one-stop resource for everything of interest that's happening in our local comic book communities. That's where we need your help.

With your events in our app, we not only help out the regular Wednesday customer, but we can also encourage a stronger local community by highlighting all the awesome things happening around us.

It's a win for your current (and potential) customers: "Show me something cool happening in my area."

It's a win for you: "Let me spread the word about this great shop I've put my heart and soul into."

Let us know when we can help.