Djinn Vol. 3

Intended for mature audiences

Deep in the heart of Africa, history is doomed to repeat itself as two women find themselves entangled in a powerful legend that could be key to one of the most coveted treasures on Earth. Jade, having stolen the lost treasure of the last Sultan, is attacked by a group of tribesmen. Perhaps there is more behind the brutal attack than random savagery. Jade's granddaughter Kim Nelson embarks on a treacherous journey to reclaim a black earring, the key to the treasure her grandmother stole decades ago. Diving into the mysteries of a secluded African culture, Kim must prove her worth through rituals of fire and flesh, much like her ancestor did, as she grows closer to discovering the coveted gem. But Kim isn't the only one looking for this precious earring, and now the race is on to uncover the truth before it's gone forever.

Cover Illustrator