Tales of the Mysterious Traveler Vol. 2 (Slipcase Edition)

Let's face it, the TRAVELER and Ditko are firm favourites in the offices of PS so what we said before about volume 1-is gonna be hard to beat. Courtesy of the Traveler's creator, Steve Ditko, this title beats pretty much everything else on the old creaking metal comicbook spinners, way back then-these comics appeared from Charlton in 1957/8-and now. What it may have lacked in the comicbook equivalent of $100M SFX budgets, the Mysterious Traveler made up for it with sheer class, style and out 'n out pizzazz and charm. A clear inspiration to Marvel's hugely popular AMAZING ADULT FANTASY, the Traveler is surely the original 'adult' comic and the one that's certainly-with these sumptuous hardcover four-colour volumes-held its quality and is worth its weight in gold. Aside from Ditko, artists include Maurice Whitman, Bill Molno, Rocco Mastroserio, Paul Reinman and Charles Nicholas.

Collects CHARLTON - TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER VOL 2: ISSUE 6 - 10 December 1957 to November 1958.