The Loud House Vol. 5: After Dark

At 11 years old, Lincoln Loud is the middle child, with five older sisters and five younger sisters. He has learned that surviving the Loud household means staying a step ahead. He's the man with a plan, always coming up with a way to get what he wants or deal with a problem, even if things inevitably go wrong. After all, you know what they say about the best laid plans! Being the only boy also means he sometimes gets a little too much attention from his sisters. They mother him, tease him, and use him as the occasional lab rat or fashion show participant. Lincoln's sisters may drive him crazy, but he loves them and is always willing to help out if they need him. And if Lincoln Loud didn't already have enough to deal with, he also gets caught up in the lives of his friends' families, the McBrides and the Casanovas.

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