Daughters of the Dark Oracle #2 (Bloodbath Cover)

Mike Wolfer's cult, erotic horror comic series is now at American Mythology Productions! To celebrate this occasion, we're presenting a very special "Bloodbath Variant" of "Orgy of the Vampires" #2, previously published by Mike Wolfer Entertainment. While the vampire Countess Bathory begins a reign of terror in a small, Carpathian village, the Frankenstein's monster-like Ragdoll awakens from a century-long hibernation, but will her quest be one of blood-thirsty revenge or simple survival? "Orgy of the Vampires" #2 contains a full 26 pages of story, featuring the sensual thrills and gut-ripping, gothic horror that Wolfer's fans have come to expect. Prepare yourself now for May's release of the all-new, world premiere of "Orgy of the Vampires" #3!

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