Crossed: Dead or Alive #2 (Red Crossed Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

Garth Ennis' grueling horror mini-epic comes to a violent and shocking conclusion as the misery of the Crossed cannot be escaped.

Crossed: Dead or Alive is a special event that is designed to help bring Ennis' vision for a live action Crossed series to life in all of its uncensored gory glory.

All editions are first printings, but strictly limited! Available with Regular Cover by Jacen Burrows (limited to 3000 copies), Art Deco by Michael DiPascale (limited to 750 copies),

Horror by Michael DiPascale (limited to 750 copies),

and a Red Crossed Incentive by Burrows.

Topped off with an amazing VIP Triple Signed Edition with a cover by Burrows and signed by writer Garth Ennis, artist Jacen Burrows, and editor William Christensen (limited to 500 copies).

Allocations may occur on any of these editions.

Cover Illustrator
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