FF Vol. 2: Family Freakout

They've handled media mockery, crippling self-doubt, kidnapping and the greatest fiends in the Negative Zone - but can the FF handle...the spooky kids? Shiver as they write the names of weird bands on their desktops! Quake as they use slang to hide their true conversations! Recoil at their monstrous cellphone data-plan bills! The generation gap has come for the Future Foundation - break out the black nail polish! Then, it's Hulk vs. Thing - and it's one for the ages! As the kids in the FF start growing apart, their adult supervision seems to be having some issues of their own. And when Doom the Annihilating Conqueror ascends, is this the beginning of the end of everything? Plus: Pool party! Impossibletown! The horrible secret of Underspace! And two students transfer in at the best worst moment imaginable. Collecting FF (2012) #9-13.