Essential X-Factor Vol. 5

The adventures of the original X-Factor wrap up, as the first five X-Men discover their successors are alive and well! But that may soon change when the anti-mutant nation of Genosha targets both teams, plus the youthful New Mutants, for extinction! Plus: X-Factor takes on the reborn Proteus, and Iceman fights to save his girlfriend from a sinister abduction! Then, when Apocalypse returns with an attack that hits painfully close to home, Cyclops must make a heart-wrenching choice! And when Professor X summons his students both old and new, X-Factor and the X-Men join forces to face the Shadow King in a battle that changes both teams forever! No joke! Collecting X-FACTOR (1986) #60-70 and ANNUAL #6, UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #270-272, #280 and material from ANNUAL #15, and NEW MUTANTS (1983) #95-97 and material from ANNUAL #7.

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