Avengers Forever

Through the years, the Avengers have always found a way to reach victory - no matter the odds, no matter the sacrifice. But now, Earth's Mightiest Heroes face a different kind of menace. A menace so great, it has made allies out of sworn enemies. This seemingly unconquerable enemy is the future! Seven time-lost Avengers - plucked from the past, present and future - must protect their longtime ally Rick Jones from death at the hands of Immortus, the Master of Time. To learn why Rick has been targeted for elimination, the Avengers join forces with Kang the Conqueror - one of the team's deadliest, most implacable foes - in a cosmic battle that stretches from the Old West to the End of Time. And in so doing, they discover they're fighting not just for one life, but for the very destiny of mankind - against a greater foe than they could have possibly imagined. Collecting AVENGERS FOREVER #1-12.

Cover Illustrator