Mindfield #6

The war on terror reaches it's mind-bending conclusion! The CIA has created an elite team of telepathic agents dedicated to fighting domestic terrorism. But as Connor and the rest of his crew take to the streets, can they handle the dark thoughts buried inside the minds of 'we the people?' Aspen's newest hit series, MINDFIELD, comes to you courtesy of creator J.T. Krul and new comer Alex Konat, who present to you a world of action and intrigue the likes of which you've never seen! It's the moment of truth and the point of no return for Connor and his team of telepaths as they race to stop Lucien's destructive plan before thousands of lives are lost. This threat is exactly the type of situation they were designed for, but even if Connor and his team have the power to save the day, do they have the means to control that power? And more importantly, live with the consequences? Prepare for the world of MINDFIELD to be turned upside down as the first volume comes to its gripping conclusion! Plus, don't miss out on the last exciting 4 page 'Project Cobalt' character story, featured in the back of every issue! That's 26 total pages of MINDFIELD action, brought to you each and every month!