Fright Night #5 (Hasson Cover)

It's a story too big and bloody for four issues!

Tom Holland's Fright Night has expanded to five big issues bursting with frightful action and delivering a powerful story following up the first Fright Night movie from 1985.

The final gambit is upon us - the Queen Vampire has moved the pawns into place and her ultimate terrifying goal is about to be enacted.

The resurrection of Jerry Dandridge is at hand.

And Peter, Charlie and Amy are helpless to stop her.

Luckily...there's one last wild card in play...and he may be the key to surviving this fresh new living nightmare.

Oh're so cool...

This issue comes with four covers - Main by Roy Allan Martinez, Throwback by Neil Vokes, Fangs & Claws by Buz Hasson, and a Black & White 350 copy limited edition also by Martinez!

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