Beyond the Farthest Star #4 (Ranaldi Cover)

Stranded on the deadly, savage planet of Zandar, Victory Harben and her Zandarian ally Tii-laa are held captive and await execution in the island fortress city of the brutal Keelars. At Victory's direction, the size-shifting creature named Hucklebuck has escaped and has searched for possible rescuers, but what he brings back is the mighty Zo-vaa, the protector of Tii-laa's entire tribe, an outcast of incredible strength and fury, and a being who is determined to rain war upon the heads of the Keelars! This is the action-packed conclusion to the first Beyond the Farthest Star! This series comes with two covers - Main & 350 copy limited edition Variant by series artist Alessandro Ranaldi.

Cover Illustrator
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