Pink Lemonade Holiday Grab-Bag (Simpson Cover)

Learn more about the mysterious Pink Lemonade in this holiday collection of short stories, which include the moment she receives her name, a motorcycle crash where she narrowly escapes serious injury, a run-in with an angry French spaceman named Skip who has lost his dog, a bar full of pirates that turn out to be quite friendly, a moment of introspection where she struggles with loneliness, the discovery of an old comic containing a superhero she admires, and Pink Lemonade's first ever letter to Santa! New friends, motorbikes, carousels, dino-shaped chicken nuggets, OJ-bot, angry spacemen, flying dogs, vintage's all in here! Rising star Nick Cagnetti continues his wild colorful ride through the world of PINK LEMONADE. Joyful holiday variant cover by Don (MEGATON MAN) Simpson!

Cover Illustrator