Worn Tuff Elbow #2

Marc Bell re-ignites his old favourite Worn Tuff Elbow with a new, exciting issue of this one man anthology! Marc continues his world-building trajectory, tying more of his characters together here in his goofball paracosmic world: Shrimpy and Paul and Chia-Man make their triumphant return to the comics page in Tinkle Test, a tale of personal estrangement and All-Star Schnauzer Band bureaucracy. We also get a three page summary of important events in the Bell universe, from Corn Comics to Stroppy to beyond and a wonderful tale of Monsieur Moustache's involvement with the yellow cylindrical characters known as "Remote Villagers" (established circa 1993). Note to consumers: one need not know exactly what happened in Worn Tuff Elbow #1 or other Marc Bell comics as these stories are stand-alones that only tie into the bigger whole!

Cover Illustrator