John Romita's Amazing Spider-Man: Artist's Edition Vol. 1

John Romita, Sr., although not the creator of Spider-Man, was the web-slingers defining artist-he made the character his own and set the tone for all that was to follow. Now, with the full co-operation of Marvel Comics and John Romita Sr., IDW Publishing is proud to present JOHN ROMITA'S THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: ARTIST'S EDITION! This beautiful book collects seven issues, numbers 67, 68, 69, 71, 75, 84, & more, and features some of Spidey's most memorable stories, including battles with unbeatable line-up of many of his greatest villains: THE KINGPIN, THE GREEN GOBLIN, MYSTERIO, THE LIZARD, AND DOCTOR OCTOPUS!

Cover Illustrator
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