Stigmata hardcover

STUNNINGLY ILLUSTRATED METAPHYSICAL THRILLER BY EUROPEAN TITAN He lives day to day and hand to mouth, this shambling lug of a man, wrestling with his demons, picking up work where he can, and drinking himself into oblivion. Until one days his palms begin to bleed... These newfound stigmata lose him his job, and he ends up as part of a traveling carnival, where he even finds love. But his past catches up with him -violently so. Has he lost his lachance st at redemption? This stunning graphic novel, executed in a mad, expressionistic swirl of black lines, is the result of a unique collaboration between the preeminent Italian cartoonist/graphist Lorenzo Mattotti (RAW, The New Yorker, and the graphic novels Fires and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and the award-winning Italian screenwriter Claudio Piersanti. LORENZO MATTOTTI lives in Paris, France; his most recent work is The Raven, a collaboration with Lou Reed re-imagining the works of Edgar Allan Poe. CLAUDIO PIERSANTI lives in Italy.