Captain America by Mark Gruenwald Vol. 1 (Omnibus)

Commencing one of the longest comic book creative runs of all time!

Mark Gruenwald's decade-long stint as writer of CAPTAIN AMERICA begins with unforgettable battles against Madcap, Flag-Smasher and the newly-formed Serpent Society! But things really kick into high gear when the serial killer known as the Scourge of the Underworld targets villains across the Marvel Universe, marking every death with an enigmatic epitaph: "Justice is served!" As the bodies pile up, can Cap find and stop Scourge before there are no more criminals left to fight? There's also Wolverine and the misguided Super-Patriot to contend with - but the government itself might strike the final blow against the Sentinel of Liberty! As a volatile vigilante is chosen to replace him, Steve Rogers retires as Captain America...but he's not out of the fight just yet!

Cover Illustrator
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