Vampire Hunter D Vol. 8

The riveting conclusion to the two-volume episode!

A mysterious bead and a young woman's dying wish have brought D to the seashore village of Florence-a town that's perpetually stuck in winter. Summer comes to this shore but one week a year and it brings something more than just the warm weather-the sole-surviving Noble comes out of hiding too!

That rare bead may hold all the secrets of the Nobility and humans. With such an enticing artifact in his hand (literally!), D is doggedly pursued by the henchmen of the young woman's murderer. These unscrupulous assassins have no qualms using the dead woman's sister as bait to draw out D, but the mysterious Noble has other designs on her.

Finally remembering what he has been seeking all these years, the Noble won't let anything get in his way-even a notorious vampire hunter like D!

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