Midnight Comics Vol. 1

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out - we bring you the strangest tales ever told at Midnight! I mean, c'mon! The original copies of these comics will have been swapped a hundred-fold or sold for pennies when the recess bell sounded in the magical long-ago frightful freakin' fab 'n' fantastic fifties schoolyards. And now you can pick 'em up for peanuts! Go get, 'em folks! I'm getting all wistful so you'll have to excuse me... it starts good and just keeps right on gettin' gooder. But then it's PS Artbooks, you warriors, so get with the program!

Collects Midnight Vol. 1 #1-5 from Farrell Comics, published between April 1957 and February 1958.

Available in Hardcover and Slipcased Hardcover editions.

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