Archie Milestones Jumbo Digest #18: Jughead's Guide to Life

Archie's Milestones Jumbo Comics Digest returns with a brand-new spotlight on everyone's favorite burger-loving BFF: Jughead Jones! In the BRAND NEW STORY "It's A Jug, Jug, Jug, Jug World!," Archie and the gang haven't seen much of Jughead lately. As it turns out, he's been spending time in a VR facility which allows him to create his own virtual reality landscape. The others are able to plug themselves into this world that Jughead has created so they decide to sample it. What will they encounter on their virtual tour of Jughead's ideal world? From time travel to life lessons and everything in-between, this digest highlights the best and brightest Jughead moments and stories-with plenty of snacks along the way

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