Dungeons and Burglars Vol. 1

Intended for mature audiences

The world of Dungeons & Burglars is a dangerous one. One can never guess where the knife, sword, mace, fire ball, spell which turns you into a frog, or the Troll attack will come from. It is a world where mythological creatures, magic and warriors coexist like no other. It is also a world like any other, where just a few have much, and many have nothing. But within those many, there are some who will try to achieve something by any means. Of course, getting what you want is no easy task when things like two-headed monsters, angry witches, or traitorous accomplices get in your way. Yet, sometimes, be it because of practice, habit or experience they get what they want. The important thing is knowing what awaits you when you live in a Dungeons & Burglars world.

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Dungeons and Burglars Vol. 1
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