Fat Princess Petronia

The whole universe worships the Little Prince, who sees everything "with his heart" - but no one pays any attention to his cousin, Fat Princess Petronia. In contrast to the angelic blond boy, she's sullen and completely unsentimental. She just doesn't fit the princess cliché at all: She hates pink frills and loves maths. Naturally, the Little Prince has a huge planet while Petronia is stuck on probably the tiniest and most boring planet in the whole wide universe. With the help of multi-purpose worm Mirco, she tries to pep up her dismal life by traveling the cosmos by wormhole or by attempting to meet David Bowie - usually without success. Petronia's absurd and funny adventures draw on the themes of The Little Prince, fairy tales, science fiction and the classics like Faust. The imagery is also packed full of allusions: Sometimes the art looks like advertising, sometimes like a board game or even like a modeling sheet.

Fat Princess Petronia
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