Gold Digger: Gold Brick V (Reminted Edition)

No matter the state of the industry, everyone wants to invest in some Gold Bricks, so we're reminting the sold-out Gold Brick V! 640+ pages of glorious, FULL-COLOR action-adventure in one massive volume, now matching the size format of all the other current Bricks! It collects some of Fred Perry's most dramatic story arcs yet, from the debut of pro fighter heartthrob Ayane "Mistress" Anno to the dragon Fauntleroy's raid on the Miami Detention Center to the epic machinations of Gothwrain and the Lich King in the "Oblivion"/"Black Gate" saga! And of course, there's the ninja-pirate Leprechauns. Another absolute must-have for all Gold Digger fans!

Collects Gold Digger #51-75.

Cover Illustrator
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