Best of Draw! Bundle

Take a crash course in comic art with this two-book bundle, compiling tutorials, interviews, and demonstrations from DRAW Magazine! Volume 1 features Dave Gibbons (layout and drawing on the computer), Bret Blevins (figure drawing, drawing hands, lighting, and sketching), Jerry Ordway (detailing his working methods), Klaus Janson and Ricardo Villagran (inking techniques), Genndy Tartakovsky (animation), Steve Conley (creating web comics and cartoons), Phil Hester and Ande Parks (penciling and inking), and more! Vol. 3 features Mike Wieringo (penciling), Dan Brereton (illustration), Paul Rivoche (design), Bill Wray (cartooning), Mike Manley (inking), Stephen DeStefano (comics & animation), Celia Calle and Alberto Ruiz (digital illustration), Zach Trenholm (caricature), and much more!