Jungle Comics #3 (Meugniot Cover)

80th Anniversary Issue! For this Jungle Comics landmark, we've got a four-course feast of tangled tales! Jojo and Rhula combat invading poachers who have unwittingly awakened a sinister force in "Jungle Heat". Shanna the Firehair must find the will to fight her own father, possessed by an evil alien entity. The survivors of a plane crash on "Hidden Island" must handle encountering prehistoric beasts. And an explorer, the lone survivor of a jungle plane crash, saves a local princess and is taken to her village, where something sinister appears to be afoot! Veteran comics and animation artist Will Meugniot (Exosquad, DNAgents, Batman: TAS) delivers a tense struggle between savage simian and sultry siren to cure your Jungle Comics fever!

Cover Illustrator