Rocky & Bullwinkle: As Seen on TV #3 (Retro Animation Cover)

Hey Rock - watch me pull a comic out of my hat. Presto! Gee Rock, that's not just any comic, that's the last installment of the "Now You Ceaser" story! Golly, I thought that was our lunch order. Don't delay - run don't walk to your local comic shop, stand on the counter, and let all in the store know that you want Rocky & Bullwinkle As Seen on TV #3! No substitutions. $.50 charge for extra croutons. Also in this issue a new Dudley Do-Right and Fractured Fairytale adventure! You'll get all this, plus a classic reprint adventure in Rocky & Bullwinkle As Seen On TV #3, available with two covers - Main by S.L. Gallant and a 350-copy Limited-Edition Retro Animation variant.

Cover Illustrator