Tales of Horror Vol. 2 (Slipcase Edition)

Small is beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different. Case in point, Toby Press, which also used the imprint Minoan and found fame (of a sort) by getting their knuckles rapped by the EC crew for using Gaines & Co.'s title "Tales of Terror." But they didn't need to pilfer from others with Tales of Horror, the (retitled) magazine's noteworthy homage to the likes of prose stylist John Collier. So take a bow guys, we're in the presence of greatness. Let's all doff our beanies to Moe Marcus, Ben Brown, Bernard Baily, Frank Giacoia, Rocco Mastroserio, Jack Sparling, Mel Keefer, Howard Rosenberger, Bill Molno and George Olesen, heroes one and all. Collects Tales of Horror #5-9 (March 1953 to February 1954).