The Flowers of Evil Vol. 4
Things From Another World

The Flowers of Evil Vol. 4

Random House, January 23, 2013

Intended for mature audiences

Takao Kasuga is a bookworm. And his favorite book right now is Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil. Nakagawa is known as the class bully. When she is not receiving zeros she is usually muttering profanities to those around her. While she doesn't care for books or their readers, she does have a thing for troublemakers. Takao may not be one, but having read over his shoulder a few times, she knows he is not very innocent. Together, by chance, they shake up their entire rural community as Takao tries to break out of his shell.

Shuzo Oshimi
Cover Illustrator
Shuzo Oshimi
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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