Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol. 8: Good Girl Art

Intended for mature audiences

Reprinting the wildest 'good girl art' comics of all time! Glamour and gorgeous pulchritude are celebrated with Rulah, Torchy, Mitzi In Hollywood, Pussycat, Dagar, South Sea Girl, Ozark Ike, Jaguar Bond, Sky Girl, Long Sam, Phantom Lady, Katy Of The Chorus and more, as rendered by Frazetta, Baker, Powell, Ward, Mooney, Kamen and many others! From the classic 'Seduction of The Innocent' exhibits of Fox Features' Phantom Lady, Dagar and Rulah 'headlights' heroines, through the goofball humor of 'cheesecake' strips like Sky Girl, they're all here in full-story, high quality reprintings.

Cover Illustrator