What If? Classic Vol. 7
Things From Another World

What If? Classic Vol. 7

Marvel Comics, January 26, 2011

In the life of every hero, there are crucial choices made and victories narrowly achieved. But what if things happened another way? What if Uncle Ben survived, and Aunt May died? What if the Invisible Girl died in child birth? What if Loki found the hammer of Thor? See your favorite heroes in worlds that never were! Featuring the Sub-Mariner, the Hulk, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Phoenix and more!

Peter B. Gillis
Mark Gruenwald
Alan Zelenetz
Sal Buscema
Marc Silvestri
Butch Guice
Ron Wilson
Kelley Jones
Jack Abel
Cover Illustrator
Ron Frenz
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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