Giant Size Little Lulu Vol. 3

Using the original Saturday Evening Post gag panels as a jumping--off point, John Stanley created an entire world around mischievous Lulu Moppet. With a cast of characters each as individual and charming as Lulu herself, and with an endless reserve of new twists on his simple setup, Stanley made Little Lulu into one of the all--time classics of American comics!

This volume sees Stanley and artistic collaborator Irving Tripp continue taking their work to new levels, making each of the fifteen complete issues collected inside sharper and funnier than the last. Whether Lulu is making trouble with her friend Annie, spinning tales to quiet her neighbor Alvin, or in a battle of wits with Tubby, Stanley and Tripp provide a bellyful of laughs every time!

* Collects three out--of--print Dark Horse volumes into one affordable collection!

* Over 700 pages--fifteen complete comic books!

"Little Lulu should not be missed by anyone of any age who enjoys classic cartoon comedy."