Conan: The Road of Kings #2

Conan: The Road of Kings #2

Dark Horse Comics, January 26, 2011

Being a warrior on the road of kings will only get you so far; youll also need plenty of gold to keep you going. Luckily, Conan is skilled at separating the wealthy from their spare treasure! But when he discovers a pit of gold, he may have met his match in the form of a tentacled horror intent on killing any intruders!

* Written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Mike Hawthorne and John Lucas, part 2 of Conan: Road of Kings is a thrill ride Conan fans won't want to miss!

* Roy Thomass return to the Conan monthly!
Conan: Road of Kings is the lead title in Dark Horses ongoing Robert E. Howard campaign.

Roy Thomas
Dave Stewart
Mike Hawthorne
John Lucas
Cover Illustrator
Douglas Wheatley
Comic Book
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