Ramgod #1 (Mack Virgin Metal Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

David Mack, known for his work on Marvel's Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and for co-creating their series Echo, delivers his signature watercolor style to the debut of . His virgin variant for Ramgod #1 is available through Massive Select as a metal variant.

follows Clint Bowler, a former troubled star athlete turned NCPD Beat Cop, as he tries to balance his dueling responsibilities as a cop and as a father.

But his teenage son, Malcolm, wants nothing to do with him. That is until Clint is recruited by Malcolm's favorite team in the world's most dangerous sport, RAMGOD, after a video of him chasing a perpetrator goes viral.

With a second shot at his dreams, and a chance to find common ground with his son, Clint's future is looking bright.

But looks can be deceiving in New City, and for Clint's new teammates, they have a nefarious side hustle that will force Clint to sacrifice his newfound stardom or his morality. Either way, it's a dangerous game.

RAMGOD feels like Point Break meets Fast & Furious, but in a CyberPunk setting that introduces a brand new super high-octane global sport.

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