Red Sonja #12 (Cosplay Cover)

This issue: As Ymir leads the gods in battle, mankind has no choice but to turn to Kulan Gath for aid. But his promised salvation comes at a price - one that Red Sonja has no intention of paying. Can she end the celestial war and prevent the sorcerer from becoming King of Kings, or will the realm succumb to the ambition of a would-be god?

Written By Torunn Gr nbekk and featuring art by Red Sonja super-star Walter Geovani (colors by Omi Remalante, Jr.), this new series dives deep into Sonja's world, exploring the darkness of Hyboria like never before. And what an amazing series of covers: Walter Geovani, Lucio Parillo, Joseph Linsner, Joanie Brosas (Cosplay) and Bjorn Barends!

Written in fire across the sky by TORUNN GR NBEKK and WALTER GEOVANI, Red Sonja #12 is heralded by proud banners of every hue from GEOVANI, LUCIO PARRILLO, BJORN BARENDS, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, and cosplay by AMY GREGORY!

Cover Illustrator
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