Vampirella: Dark Reflections #2 (Maer Cover)

Dive back into the mind-bending world of the Vampiverse and rejoin The Daughters of Drakulon in the followup to last month's monstrous launch!

Discover the world that Lilith, Vampirella's daughter, has found herself one, one infected by demon insects and following a mysterious leader known as Queen Tenebris. Lilith thought she might have the upper hand until she faced an opponent she didn't expect: A Vampirella fighting of behalf of the chaos. Explore in this issue how this world came to be- what events lead to this world's Vampirella being so stripped of hope and heroism? What tragedy befell the once Valliant warrior of order? Find out this and more in the next installment of Vampirella: Dark Reflections!

Cover Illustrator
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