Octobriana and the Underground: Full Tilt Boogie #2 (Paquette Cover)

The best that the Soviet Red Army proved to be no match for Octobriana... but Mother Russia is back! Get ready for round two in Full Tilt Boogie from Stu Taylor and N. Steven Harris, where Oct faces off against a foe imbued with the one thing that she's vulnerable to-magic! The next tale in this double feature showcases the comic book writing debut of Tamoor Hussain. In Faith on a Friday, illustrated by Gary Erskine, Octobriana reveals an untold tale from her past during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. And you think that's it? Brace yourselves, comrades, as a special epilogue illustrated by Simon Fraser introduces a future threat for Octobriana and the Underground... Komrade Kaiju!