Revenge of the Horrorhound (Rebner Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

As the Harvest Moon rises, so too does a blood-thirsty HellHound. Risen from the grave for a night of terror, as a small country town is besieged by this gnarled and riled monster. But why has he come seeking vengeance? What secrets does this sleepy town hold? Who could be responsible for the beast's conjuring? And how many people will suffer for the sins of a single man? (HorrorHound)

After 15-years serving as the iconic magazine and convention mascot, the HorrorHound finally receives his first full comic book release. Featuring stunning blood-noir visual storytelling by Spanish artist Marc Gras Cots (Tombs of the Blind Dead, Elsewhere, Demons: Omega). Mature Readers (for gore & violence).

Cover Illustrator
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