Vampire Macabre: Halloween Special (Signed Cover B)

Intended for mature audiences

Asylum Press brings you a horrific blood thirsty collection of all-new Vampire tales. Featuring an international cast of artistic talent.

Frank Forte and MoraMike deliver "Blood Wine" where an elder statesman of the sanguine brings young na ve millennials to his castle for a "wine tasting", only too late do they find out they will soon be the main course. In "Desert Raid" a group of marauders attempt to free a vampire trapped in a post-apocalyptic prison, they soon find out she is not what she seems, illustrated by Edu Menna. And lastly, we introduce "NOSFERAZIXX"

A vampire queen who's lust for blood and the sins of the flesh knows no bounds. Illustrated by Jethro Morales. A must for all vampire fans!

Cover Illustrator
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