Zorro: Rise of the Old Gods #1 (Pulp Cover)

Horror rises from the deep as the denizens of dread Cthulhu herald the return of the old gods! Antiguo Camino is a small fishing town, nondescript and quiet. But when the horrors of the depths begin to crawl from the muck and terrorize the pueblo, Zorro must save the unsuspecting townsfolk and uncover the insidious force behind the monstrous uprising. This series celebrates the swashbuckling heroics of Zorro and the impending dread of H.P. Lovecraft in a unique and terrifying tale! Zorro Rise of the Old Gods #1 is available with four covers - Main Cover by living legend Michael Kaluta, Lovecraftian Horror by interior artist Puis Calzada, and a Limited Edition 1/350 Pulp cover also by Calzada!

Cover Illustrator