Totally Captivated Vol. 2

Intended for mature audiences

Ewon becomes the financial gatekeeper to Mookyul's criminal enterprise and it's a duty with endless perils. One of Mookyul's former underlings pleads with Ewon for a job balancing the accounts. Ewon reluctantly agrees, but he's about to discover the lengths men will go for both love and money. Meanwhile, Mookyul notices he has a strange familiarity with Ewon, a distant memory about the boy that's finally surfacing. Time is a strange thing. Cause and effect weave endlessly. Ewon and Mookyul are about to discover, they go farther back then either ever suspected. In fact, Mookyul would never have become the man he is now, if he had never crossed paths with Ewon so long ago.

Cover Illustrator