The Phantom: President Kennedy's Mission #1 (Brooks Cover)

The year is 1962, and the Phantom returns once again in a new adventure! There's a possible world war with Russia looming on the horizon, and newly minted President John F. Kennedy calls upon his old friend Kit Walker for help! In this all-new Phantastic adventure, veteran Phantom script writer Ron Goulart returns with artist Sean Joyce, a new comer to the Phantom and to comic books, but no newcomer to the art world! This five book story arc (each issue to be released every month and a half) has something for every Phan - history with JFK, Russian femme fatales, espionage, lost U.S. astronauts on a secret mission, Singh pirates, and, of course The Phantom, Diana, and Devil! Journey back to the swingin' 1960s with The Phantom!

Cover Illustrator